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Any area of your home that has exposed plumbing needs to be properly winterized for the coming freezing weather. In our area, colder weather is upon us and lawn sprinklers will need to be winterized before it gets any colder.

The last thing you need is to spring a leak after having winterized your plumbing, all because you didn’t know you needed to have the sprinklers and other parts of your irrigation system wrapped up too. You would think that since the pipes run under the ground that there wouldn’t be a problem, but the fact of the matter is your irrigation or sprinklers AND any other outdoor or exposed faucets or spigots can easily freeze.

Irrigation Blow Out Is A Priority

Before the first freeze, it’s a priority in our area to rid your sprinkler system of water, but even a small amount left in can freeze and expand, cracking the piping or in the backflow and other components. You may have a manual drain system, auto drain, or blowout.

Your plumbing system maintains a water pressure within the system. That means there is water within your fixtures and sprinkler heads and other parts of the plumbing you don’t really think about. Even if your sprinkler heads are the pop-up kind that mainly sit below the surface most of the time, they need to be winterized.

The issue with sprinkler winterizing is that it needs to be done right or you might as well expect to have freezing pipes this winter and some emergency calls put out for repairs…not to mention no water until the problem gets fixed. And being an underground system, that could take some effort especially when it’s cold out.

So this small preventative service that’s very affordable is your best best to preventing freezing pipes for your home. Ask any plumbing company anywhere, and you’ll be advised the same way. Have your sprinkler system winterized to avoid expensive problems!

Winterizing Sprinkler or Irrigation Systems Can Be Dangerous

Snow accumulating on your roof isn’t a good thing. In our area, the roof pitch should be high so the snow will slide off. If it’s not and snow builds up on top of your roof this winter, call for snow removal services. Yes, your roof can hold a lot of weight but it can’t hold all the weight of wet snow because it’s extremely heavy. It will get to a point if it doesn’t slide off where it’s very dangerous -eventually the roof caves in.

Snow Truck Pushing Back Snow Banks

There are specific ways your sprinkler system will need to be handled or you could be seriously hurt. With the blow out method, the compressed air used in the procedure could cause you serious injury. ANSI approved eye safety protection should be worn and you shouldn’t be standing near any components during the air blow out.

Hire a professional service to take care of your sprinkler winterizing. In regions located where the frost level of the ground reaches below the depth of the irrigation system piping, the blow out method will have to be used. This requires a professional with the experience and equipment to take care of the system correctly and safely.

Brian C. Jackson & Son LLC can take care of your sprinkler winterizing for you. We’ve been helping our community since 1988 in the New Hampshire area with their sprinkler winterizing, roof cleaning, house washing, fence cleaning, solar panel cleaning, rust removal, shutter restoration, snow blowing and more. When you’re looking for a local professional power washing company that uses safe and effective methods to clean up and winterize your property, we’re the company you can trust.

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