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Why Ice Dam Removal is So Important In New Hampshire

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Here in New Hampshire, the entire area turns into an amazingly, beautiful winter wonderland with sparkling ice-cycles hanging off the rooftops and trees. While the winter scene is breathtaking, ice dam removal is something every homeowner should take care of if they want their roof to last.

All those beautiful ice-cycles are just a small part of a huge ice dam that's been building up on the roof, and they are highly destructive to all roof types. Read on to learn more about why ice dam removal is so important for every New Hampshire home and where to get professional service.

Leave the Ice Dam Removal to the Professionals

Climbing up on your roof is dangerous enough, much more so when there's snow and ice covering the surface, so think twice before you try to remove an ice dam yourself. Professional ice dam removal service is the only safe way to remove the buildup.

At Brian C. Jackson & Son LLC, we are equipped with state-of-the-art steamers to provide safe and quick ice dam removal services. We travel far and wide to provide service, so give us a call to inquire about your location. The method we use is the only proper way to remove ice dams without damaging the roof.

Once the winter season arrives in New Hampshire, you can always count on our ice dam removal service. We change our cleaning skids over to the steamer equipment once winter arrives. Our trucks will be outfitted with these steamers the entire season.

How Ice Dams Form & Cause Roof Damage

Ice dams form because of the temperature differences inside the attic crawlspace. As snow covers the roof, the warmer temperature in the attic melts it. However, as is very often the case, the melting snow will freeze again once it reaches the roof overhang area where there's no warm air. This ice will continue to build up on the roof and will block any melting snow behind it.

  • Roof Damage – What happens later as the weather warms and the ice melts is what's so destructive to the roof. As the ice dam slowly starts to melt, the entire sheet of it loosens from the roof surface and starts sliding down the roof. You know what a destructive force melting glaciers are to the land, right? The same thing happens to your roof.
    Most homeowners in New Hampshire don't realize how important ice dam removal is. While you may get by with a couple of winters of not worrying about it, you'll wind up repairing your roof more regularly and replacing it early if you don't take care of the ice dam removal every time.
  • Gutter Damage – If you have gutters, you'll notice the ice-cycles are hanging off the gutters rather than the roof edge. Ice dam removal is just as important to prevent gutter damage as it is roof damage. In fact, your gutters are actually an important part of your roofing system. The temperature changes during the day and night can crack gutters if they are filled with ice.

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