Extend The Life Of Your Roof With Our Brand New Line Of Roof Maxx Products!

Extend The Life Of Your Roof With Our Brand New Line Of Roof Maxx Products!

Here at Jackson Contracting, we are always striving to stay ahead of our competitors and to make sure that we are able to offer you a level of service that you simply can't find anywhere else. With that in mind, we are proud to announce the newest addition to our line of high quality roofing services that will allow us to, once again, provide you with a level of service that you just can't find anywhere else, and it comes in the form of our full line of brand new Roof Maxx products. As the only contractor in the entire Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine areas that carries these amazing products, we now stand even higher above the rest of the crowd and offer a unique brand of service that you can't find anywhere else.

What Is Roof Maxx?

Simply put, Roof Maxx is a scientifically formulated, all-natural sealant that has proven to be so effective at what it does that it has a U.S. patent. Roof Maxx, when applied properly, can help to extend the life of your asphalt shingle roof by 5 years, or more, letting you get a significantly longer service life from your roof that has been impossible up until this point.

How Does Roof Maxx Work?

The life of an asphalt shingle is a tough one. With the constant fluctuations of heating and cooling that your shingles are subjected to, your shingles are going to be doing a lot of contracting and expanding over time, and this process is called thermal shock. As such, asphalt shingles are manufactured with essential oils that allow them to perform these movements without suffering any lasting damage, but as time goes on and your shingles dry out, your shingles are going to lose the ability to perform these movements, and thermal shock is going to start causing your shingles to crack and slowly break apart. With Roof Maxx, however, you can have your old, drying shingles re-saturated with millions of micro-beads containing organic oils that will help to restore a bit of flexibility to your aging shingles and allow for proper movement once again. Additionally, Roof Maxx coatings are designed to enhance the adhesion of the mineral granules of your roof's surface, protecting your top coating and helping to reflect some of the sun's UV rays to prevent your roof from drying out again anytime soon.

The Roofing Contractor To Trust

Here at Jackson Contracting, we take our reputation as the area's leading provider of high quality contracting services very seriously, and we are always looking for new things we can do to make sure our customers get the absolute best in service and care for their home. With the addition of a new line of high quality Roof Maxx products, we have once again taken steps to go above and beyond the kind of service you can find from any other local contractor, and we are absolutely certain that you will be amazed at the difference these new products can make on your home's roof.

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