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Pressure washing is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces that are subject to mold, dirt and grime build-up. Jackson Contracting has over 20 years of experience with superior, deep cleaning services to make sure your home looks its best. The are around your house is just as important as the actual building. Keeping areas like your patio and walkways clean is not only important for good looks, it is important for safety as well. Over the years, the build-up can create a slippery surface that can pose falling hazards. Please give our New Hampshire pressure washing experts a call today so we can help keep your property safe and clean. Schedule your FREE in-home estimate now!

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Pressure Washing Services We Offer:

Concrete Pool Decks

It is important to keep your concrete pool decks clean because an excess of dirt and algae-build up can be unsafe when wet. Walking around on slick concrete is bad enough without having to worry about grime. The build-up can also contaminate your carefully balanced pool water and clog up drains. Don’t wait until it’s too late to give us a call.

Brick/Paver Patios

Keep your outside patio clean with the superior pressure washing skills of our expert New Hampshire cleaning contractors. We use only the latest start of the art equipment to make sure that your outdoor entertainment area stays in the best condition possible. Don’t worry again about feeling self-conscious when having a cookout. We guarantee a thorough clean every time.

Brick/Paver Walkways

Having cleaned walkways is important because it makes your home look more inviting and friendly. No one wants to make their way to your front door dodging caked on grime so give Jackson Contracting a call and we will be sure to come out and provide an expert clean to your brick or paver walkways and sidewalks.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls collect dirt and build up extremely easily because they are usually surrounded by soil and dirt that exacerbates the growth of algae. Don’t let that stand in the way of having visually attractive walls complementing your landscaped gardens. We make quick work of pressure washing your retaining wall so you can get back to enjoying the fresh look. We make certain to not damage your landscape as we are cleaning your retaining wall so rest assured.

Granite Steps

Granite steps are a big investment for your home. While having moss and algae growing on them might be in style for Grecian ruins, it’s not at all desirable in your home. Give us a call and we’ll have your granite stairs back to looking like they were just installed yesterday. Keeping your granite steps clean will prolong their lifespan and help you keep traction as you climb them every day.

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